I'm Rohit Rangwani

Maker, Developer, Engineer.

About me

A small introduction about my self

Rohit Rangwani

Enthusiastic about emerging neurotechnologies and passionate to make world a better place to live for everyone. I love tinkering around with dev boards and latest gadgets, whatever I can get hands on.

My technical interests are machine learning, embedded systems, signal processing & software development.

I have worked on plethora of major and minor projects in my engineering career covering areas like analog circuit design, digital system design, embedded firmware/software development, wearables, IoT, connectivity solutions, pattern recognition, machine learning, neural networks, and much more.

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at


Exposure in academia and industry


Worked on python for several projects

Machine Learning

Practical exposure covering couple of significant projects


Worked on couple of interesting projects and research

Embedded Systems

Attended courses and multiple embedded system projects


Academic exposure(Java based OOPS course) and recent exposure to Java application

Signal Processing

Academic exposure and several real life projects


Worked on projects involving primary coding in Matlab or Simulink Models

Analog Circuit Design

Academic exposure and multiple projects

Work Experience

My current/previous associations


Samsung ACL(Advance Computing Labs), San Jose, California

GPU Software Intern

Developed an independent library for converting internal GPU formats memory buffer (OpenGL/Vulkan formats) to human interpretable outputs(raw/PNG) & vice-versa, for debugging/testing of various tools and GPU driver.


INPL Lab, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Research Assistant

Engaged in research focused on sensory feedback/modulation for robotic-human interfaces and neuroprosthetics leading to potential publications


Qualcomm India

Engineer: Nov,2017
Associate Engineer: July,2016 - Nov,2017

 Developed & supported NFC (Near Field Communication) on Android for different platforms utilizing C/C++/Java for support across layers (driver, middleware, etc.)
 Individually owned and developed various test utilities (factory testing, etc.) in C and test automation scripts in python saving significant repetitive developer test effort and easier factory testing
 Engaged in bring-up of NFC on more than 6 different platforms/targets
 Debugging and customer support for GSMA and SmartCardService(latest Global Platform) Ceritification


MuSAE Lab, Université INRS, Montreal

Research Intern

Worked on an individual research project on a self paced Motor Imagery BCI, along with fulfilling the responsibilities of a research assistant.



Student Partner

Promotion of Internshala(an internship platform based in India) and general awareness about the internships and similar opportunities available to students in NIT Warangal campus. .,

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Master of Science (M.S.)

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Electrical Engineering
Courses - Pattern Recognition, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Neuro-electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining


Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech.)

National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India

Electonics and Communication Engineering, involving course and labs like Digital system design, Electonics device and circuits, Signal Processing, Linear IC application, Communication system, etc.


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College Station, TX

+1-979-(Four Four Six)-8748